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Original Drawings for SALE Contact Peter Hildick for details

Payment by Paypal,Cheque,Postal Order only. Overseas Customers by Electronic Bank Transfer

Orang Hanging On (Sold) Size 15" x 11"
Orang That Monday Feeling (For Sale) Size 11" x 11.5"
Orang Motherly Love (For Sale) Size 14" x 12.5"
Fox Cub The Squatter (For Sale) Size 15.75" x 11"
Hedgehog Brief Encounter (For Sale) Size 7.5" x 16"
Malay Tapir Tapir (Sold) Size 9" x 16"
Tawny Owl Tawny (For Sale) Size 9.5" x 12"
Tiger Cub Curious (Sold) Size 10.5" x 16"
Wolf Come Closer !! (For Sale) Size 8.5" x 17"
Hare As Mad As (For Sale) Size 8" x 11"
Gorilla Safe and Sound (Sold) Size 16" x 9.5"
Badgers Two's Company (For Sale) Size 14.5" x 7"
Gorilla Faraway Eyes (Sold) Size 16" x 10.5"
Tiger Cub Firecat(Sold) Size 18" x 13"
Piglets Three Little Pigs(For Sale)
Meerkats Meercats(Sold)
giraffe Dizzy(For Sale)
baby orang Forest Glow(For Sale)
lion cub I Can See for Miles(Sold)
Serval Serval(For Sale)
tiger The Look (For SALE)
Elephants First Love(For Sale)
Kangaroo Little Matilda (For Sale)
elephant Sit In (For SALE)
Meerkat Compare WHAT! (For Sale)
Orangutans Friends. (Sold)
Baby Gorilla Baby Gorilla(SOLD)
Tiger Curiosity(SOLD)
Polar Bear Under Polar Skies(SOLD)
Orang Little Miss Shy (SOLD)
Gorilla and Baby Safe and Sound (SOLD)
Wolf Gray Lady (Sold)
Cheetah Savannah Love (SOLD)
Leopard Vantage Point (SOLD)
Cheetah Cub Cheetah Cub (SOLD)
The Last Leaf The Last Leaf (SOLD)
Last Leaf Last Leaf SOLD
Bad Hair Day Bad Hair Day (revisited)(Sold)
See You See You (Sold)
Look of Love Look of Love (SOLD)
Rainbow Wood Rainbow Wood
giraffe Little Pretty (SOLD)
Two's Company Two's Company (Watercolour)
My Precious My Precious (SOLD)
Get Off My Back Get Off My Back (SOLD)
The Little One said !! The Little One said !! (SOLD)
Peek a Boo Peek a Boo SOLD
Gorilla Gorilla SOLD
Of Earth and Sky Of Earth and Sky (NFS)
Not Playing Not Playing (Sold)
Stand Off Stand Off
On the Prowl On the Prowl (Sold)
Sentry Duty Sentry Duty
Tigers Eyes Tigers Eyes (Sold)
Grumpy Old Men Grumpy Old Men (For Sale)
Rainforest Princess Rainforest Princess (NFS)
Lying Low Lying Low (Sold)
Dizzy Heights Dizzy Heights (Sold)
The Brothers The Brothers (Sold)
Ring Tails Heads and Tails (Sold)
Fawn Hiding Place (Sold)
Warthog The Boss
Cheetah Lick and a Promise
Wolf The Guardian
Cheetah Cita
Curiosity Curiosity
New Arrival New Arrival
Frogs Frogs
Snow Leopard Snow Leopard
Owl Owl
Peregrine Peregrine
Cheetah Portrait Cheetah Portrait
Tawny Owl Tawny Owl
Orangutan Orangutan
Gorilla Gorilla
Rhino Rhino
Lion Lion
lioness Lioness
Tiger & Cub Tiger & Cub
Tiger Tiger
giraffe Giraffe
Lynx Lynx
Leopard Leopard
Tiger & Banyan Tiger & Banyan
Tiger Cub Tiger Cub
Follow That Follow That
Orang Orang