Peter Hildick is a self taught artist who began drawing at an early age. With a passion for animals and the countryside, he spent much of his early childhood roaming the fields and hedgerows around Bath, where his family moved in the early 50's Peter continued to draw and paint throught his time with the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy 1965-87. Being self taught he has no preconceived ideas of style or technique, but admires the compositions of fellow wildlife artist Robert Bateman and the detail in the work of Carl Brenders. Choosing the control of pencil over paint. Peter combines his artistic talent with a subtle hint of humour which is evident in the majority of his drawings. Since being chosen to participate in the Halcyon Gallery's major Wildlife & Conservation exhibitions in 1997 & 1999. the 97 exhibition being at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Participated in exhibition ' Brush with the Wild 'in 2001 with fellow artists Tony Forrest & Andy Ellis. Peter's work has received national acclaim. Thirty One of his drawings to date have been published as limited edition prints by Washinghton Green FAPC Ltd, with several editions already sold out. There is an active secondary market in his work and some of the first editions are much sought after and rising rapidly in price The sale of his limited editions benefit wildlife conservation and specific projects through the Fauna & Flora charity.

“With a passion for animals and the countryside”